Victor Olivieri and Thea Selby for San Francisco City College Board

November 2018 election

Max Ghenis
1 min readOct 19, 2018

San Francisco votes on three members of the City College of San Francisco, described as Community College Board on the ballot. There are four candidates, three of whom are incumbents.

Two of these incumbents, John Rizzo and current CCSF President Brigitte Davila, voted to block housing on land owned by CCSF. The Balboa Reservoir project would replace parking with housing, the shortage of which is the city’s primary public policy challenge. In opposing the project, Rizzo and Davila indicated that cars are more important than homes for students, teachers, and community members.

Olivieri supports the project, and vows to build more housing on CCSF land both on Balboa Reservoir and generally. He’s actively worked with SF YIMBY (of which I am a member): attending meetings, completing our questionnaire, and securing endorsements from housing champions like Mayor London Breed, Senator Scott Wiener, and Assemblymember David Chiu. We proudly gave him our sole endorsement.

Selby’s website doesn’t discuss housing, but she advocates for housing, including at Balboa Reservoir, in her YIMBY questionnaire.

In addition to their objectionable stance on Balboa Reservoir, Rizzo and Davila declined to answer the YIMBY questionnaire. With housing affecting the entire city, CCSF and all San Franciscans would be better off with Olivieri replacing one of them.

Since this is not a ranked-choice vote, the most effective vote to ensure this outcome is to vote Olivieri and Selby, and leave the third option blank.



Max Ghenis

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