Carmen Chu for San Francisco Assessor-Recorder

November 2018 election

San Francisco’s Assessor-recorder handles taxation operations. It’s an office that California mandated be elected rather than appointed in a 1988 ballot measure, but has no business being on the ballot, as it’s a largely procedural post. A 1989 study found no significant difference in assessment uniformity between appointed and elected assessors.

The two candidates — Paul Bellar and incumbent Carmen Chu — don’t say much of substance on their website, since there’s not much room to do things differently in a way voters understand.

The only mildly noteworthy finding is Bellar’s critique of market-rate housing on his website:

Instead of focusing on reducing gentrification and re-examining how the city organizes its housing to embrace multi-generational and/or multi-family housing, San Francisco is almost exclusively focusing on market production of homes.

Market-rate housing is a critical element of addressing San Francisco’s housing shortage.

Vote Chu as there are no scandals to make this not worth continuing down the incumbent path.

Written by

Economist. Founder and president of the UBI Center. Studied at MIT and UC Berkeley. YIMBY. Former Google data scientist.

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