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Do you think that a basic income could act as a disincentive to work at all?

Compared to the current system of overlapping means-tested benefits resulting in welfare cliffs, basic income would absolutely incent work. That’s because it ensures each incremental dollar earned increases take-home pay. See this chart from FiveThirtyEight’s basic income profile for a (limited) view into welfare cliffs.

would a land value tax not be regressive on commercial land?

Farmers and even homeowners have a relatively small portion of the US’s valuable land. Most of it is owned by corporations or wealthy urban landowners like the president-elect. A basic income finance by land value tax essentially says: if you’re using more than your equal share of land, you have to pay your fellow citizens for that privilege.

Economist. Founder and president of the UBI Center. Studied at MIT and UC Berkeley. YIMBY. Former Google data scientist.

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